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I did this last year, and it was fun. Let's try again.

(From last year's post:)

The Meme:

Pick a topic, and on some day in December I will post something about that topic. It can be fandom-related or not. Pretty much anything you've ever seen me post about unlocked, or comment on in other venues, is fair game. If a topic is uncomfortable for me (too personal or potentially identifying) or simply something I know very little about (unfamiliar canon, say), I may ask you to make a second choice. If you want to request more than one topic (say, up to three), feel free, but if I get more than 25 or so requests I may pick and choose between them.

This is gonna be pretty informal. I can't guarantee I won't skip a day or two and catch up later (especially during Finals and the holiday rush.) But I'll try.

Also, if you come from another site and don't want to make an account here, you can leave your user name like so:
[user name=NAMEHERE site=SITENAME.EXT]
Replace the square brackets with triangular ones.

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[personal profile] squeemu: Writing original fiction vs. fanfiction.

Heh... I haven't done as much of either this year. Mostly it's been math. Still, I tend to have the same approach, start with a handful of ideas and a few plans and flesh it out as I go.
The main difference is worldbuilding. With original fiction - at least with NaNoWriMo, which is where most of it has come from for me - I'm basically doing everything on the fly. So the worldbuilding doesn't really start coming together until the third or fourth draft, if ever I get that far. Sometimes that might not matter, but most of the time it does. That's why I can write and post fanfiction so quickly, but original fiction comes slowly to me.


[personal profile] thebaconfat: Favorite book or movie of the year.

I'm going with movies, because all of the books I had time to read were textbooks. And all of the movies I saw in theaters were Marvel, if memory serves, because I went with my partner. (I'm not big on movie theaters. I prefer to wait until they get released on DVD and watch them with captions.)

So out of those films I probably most preferred Captain America: The Winter Soldier, because Steve (in his own movies, not so much in The Avengers) is so much fun. He's a bit out of his element but he's dealing with it, he's making lists of things people tell him he needs to see, he constantly cracks jokes, and yet he's still a respectful guy who doesn't treat others like crud in the name of humor, which is why he ended up surrounded by such awesome people and made so many allies. I liked Guardians of the Galaxy, but it did some things that really ticked me off ("I'm sorry, I forgot you were there!"? Wat.) And the X-Men films have always been hit-or-miss for me.
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[personal profile] thebaconfat: Share a snippet of whatever you've been working on recently.

Recently? Like, recently recently? It's mostly math. I spent a significant portion of my free time (as in, not homework-time) trying to learn or relearn integration. I'm not sure how much of this I knew before, to be quite honest.

A lot of my recent attempts need a lot of editing. This one does too, but some of it works pretty well. This is from a story inspired by various fae and changeling ideas. Not exactly coherent enough to do a proper excerpt, not yet, but I thought this scene was cute, at least.

Daisy the lion )

Once I'm a little more mentally capable of editing, I'll see about some of the others. Right now I'm burned out from math and school.

(ETA: Fic excerpt here, too.)
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[personal profile] squeemu asked me which characters I have identified with the most in the past.

Out of all the characters I've encountered, the one I've identified with the most in the past was probably Bernard Marx from Brave New World. It might not be the most flattering comparison, but it's the one that hit me the hardest - he's an ordinary man who's smart, doesn't quite fit into his world, but wants so badly to be a part of it that he'll do anything, while at the same time seeing all of the problems with it and still wanting to be able to criticize it. Sounds a lot like me, in high school at least. XD

After that... hmm. I'm not entirely sure of anything more recent. I've been told that I'm a lot like Yuna (FFX) but I'm having trouble really seeing it.
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TTD for 12/16: Comparing FF canons.

TTD for 12/17: Rare pairs and me.

Almost caught up, but now I have to work again.

(Also, got a high B on Calculus 3. Could've gotten an A if I'd taken Cal 2 in the last ten years, I think, but I'm happy with this. This class was stressful and I'm just glad it's over, and I'm happy with the outcome considering how nervous I was.)

TTD: Music

Dec. 16th, 2014 01:16 pm
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Whew. It's been crazy, but now finals are over and I have a chance to rest and catch up.

On a side note, I want a Squishable Sea Pig. So silly and cute.

Talking a bit about music. )
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A few thoughts on crossovers, because I'm too tired to crosspost this properly. (Long workday. Exhausting evening. I'm home and trying to study.)

TTD: Pets

Dec. 13th, 2014 06:43 am
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Went out for dinner in mid-post, ended up crashing afterwards. It was a good evening.

Anyway, [personal profile] squeemu asked me about pets - whether or not I have one, whether or not I want one. I do not currently have a pet. We don't have the time, room or energy for one right now; besides, we can't have a dog while we're living where we are now. We could have a cat, but I seem to have developed a severe cat allergy and can't be around one for more than an hour without regretting it for days after. It's a shame, because if the allergy wasn't an issue, I'd love to have a cat someday; I grew up with both dogs and cats and I love them both.

I am still hoping to have a dog someday. I don't have any preference for what kind of dog we'd get; all I would ask is that we adopt from a shelter or an organization that takes care of abandoned dogs, because I don't want to support the breeding and sale of purebred dogs. We'll probably end up getting a medium-sized dog or larger; if we ever do decide to foster/adopt an abandoned purebred dog, my partner would probably push for a pug or a shar-pei. I'd just as soon have a mutt, myself.

(Side note: My partner used to joke about getting a pet raccoon if we ever have a house of our own, but has since rethought that decision. It's for the best. They're adorable, but very destructive.)
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Today's post: A few words about Mr. Bear.

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Talking about my past attempts at running communities, fannish or otherwise.

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A lot of these are the same as the things like to write. But I can name a few more things:

1. I almost always read speculative fiction. I can't think of the last thing that I read that didn't have some form of magic, supernatural or science fiction element to it.

2. Post-apocalyptic fantasy is a particular favorite, with some caveats. I have a lot of anxiety issues; reading a believable narrative about the end of the world would probably give me nightmares for days. But if the story starts after the world ends and talks about the survivors, I'll probably enjoy it. Last Man on Earth narratives are the same way.

3. I will always prefer psychological horror to slasher-style horror. Also I seem to love horror elements in video games, but don't like watching horror films as much. I suppose it has something to do with a lack of control in films; I always end up yelling at the characters. At least in games you have the illusion of being able to do something about it.
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(I just got home from a party; it's still Saturday for me. ;p )

12/6: Themes that appeal to me while writing. ([personal profile] mako_lies)

Let me see if I can put a few words to this.

A few things I like to write about )
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Somebody (I forget who) did a "Seven habits/quirks" meme. Figured I'd wait until today to do it, but I couldn't come up with seven things off the top of my head.

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Day 4 - [personal profile] yohjideranged asked me about fictional villains I like to write about.

(Here you go.)
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Well, [personal profile] mako_lies asked me about the process I use when I'm drawing.

...I'm not so sure I have a process, to be honest. I just draw things. It's kind of like asking about my style and me wondering how much longer I have to go before I can call my choices stylistic instead of just attributing them to lack of skill.

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This took a lot of thought. Like everything else relating to what I want, it's hard for me to think of these things on the spot, so this might be added to throughout the day.

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[personal profile] owlmoose asked me to go on about an OTP. I'm okay with that.

( In which I go on about Barret/Tifa more than strictly necessary. Spoilers for FFVII. )

Anyway, Talking Through December time is here, and I have about half a month's worth of topics. If you want to ask for more, I'm game.
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Apparently I tried to do something similar to the December thing a few years ago. I had completely forgotten. *adds some of those ideas that I didn't get last time to the list, in case I don't get many requests this year*
(...but yeah, feel free to request topics.)

Currently sitting and doing physics homework. I'm on the last question, and it is by far the hardest one, because I hate torque so much. Rotational dynamics are the one thing from last year's class that I just didn't get. (This year, so far, it's electric potential. It would have helped if I had learned about vector fields earlier in calculus, though. I think I could've made more sense of it if I'd known how the fields and the potential zones meant, mathematically.) But if he's going to be asking questions about torque and magnetism, I'm going to have to go back and look at it some more. Maybe see if I can get some tutoring.

In unrelated news, apparently hippos are the new cats. The worst cats, even. (It's just ridiculous enough for me to find adorable. And it doesn't help that I like baby hippos.)


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