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Apparently I tried to do something similar to the December thing a few years ago. I had completely forgotten. *adds some of those ideas that I didn't get last time to the list, in case I don't get many requests this year*
(...but yeah, feel free to request topics.)

Currently sitting and doing physics homework. I'm on the last question, and it is by far the hardest one, because I hate torque so much. Rotational dynamics are the one thing from last year's class that I just didn't get. (This year, so far, it's electric potential. It would have helped if I had learned about vector fields earlier in calculus, though. I think I could've made more sense of it if I'd known how the fields and the potential zones meant, mathematically.) But if he's going to be asking questions about torque and magnetism, I'm going to have to go back and look at it some more. Maybe see if I can get some tutoring.

In unrelated news, apparently hippos are the new cats. The worst cats, even. (It's just ridiculous enough for me to find adorable. And it doesn't help that I like baby hippos.)
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In about a month, I'm going back to college. I'm going to be studying computer science and engineering. (I'm still trying to decide which of those two major programs I'm going to pursue.) Next month about this time I'll be going up to college at least twice a week - more if I can handle it - and spending my time listening to lectures and studying and learning again. Learning the kind of thing I always wanted to, but passed by because... well. I don't know, really.

I still can't quite believe it. And while part of me is still asking myself why I didn't do it sooner, I honestly have to say that mentally, I wasn't ready. Am I ready now? Yeah. I think so.

(I'm still trying to make sure I can afford the next semester after this one, and the one after that, but we'll see. I'm hoping that since I make barely any money, I can get financial aid.)


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