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May. 10th, 2037 10:57 am
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Alias: Wally
Interests: Attempts to be a responsible adult, but still dabbles in fannish things once in a while. Enjoys writing and learning how to draw, albeit slowly for each. Often rants about various other things (often diet/nutrition, occasionally feminism, rarely politics.)
Contact Info: Message me on DW if you want to get ahold of me and don't know me. Otherwise, if you ask for my e-mail, I'll give it to you, as long as you're not a random stranger messaging me out of the blue.

Other sites:
[community profile] personalapocalypse is my comm on DW for most of my fannish things these days. Easier to keep track if I keep most of them there.
[ profile] theoreticalconstruct is my tumblr. More often than not I just reblog things.
[ profile] Wallwalker is my AO3 archive. Most of what I've written in fandom is there.
[ profile] fanaticalone is my dA page. I haven't uploaded as much there recently, but I'm working to correct that.
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Didn't have much to say last month. I figure, if I can manage to update this once a month, I'll be doing better than I was.

I got A's on Database Management and Software Engineering. Yay!

Composition I and Cryptography, as expected, are giving me so much homework to do. Composition is manageable; the instructor is very nice. I can tell we're not going to see eye to eye on things, but I'll try. Cryptography is interesting, but the lectures are dull; the professor lectures straight from the book. I have a feeling that I could skip a lot of lectures and still do well enough, if I wanted to try. As long as i do the homework well and start on projects early enough, I'll be fine.

I did not write my terrible flower poetry, and don't know if I will, but that is all right. I managed to write a few other things, even if I only posted one short piece to [community profile] rainbowfic. Trying to decide if I should continue it.

I'm also wondering if I should post my (currently stalled) SWTOR RP things to my fandom journal. Probably locked, because it's honestly angsty enough that I'm embarrassed to post it publicly. That was kind of a tough time period for me, but I'm feeling better now.

I quit caffeine two weeks ago. So far I've lived without it, and the tiredness is getting better. My goal is to stay off of it for the next seven weeks (the duration of summer school.)


May. 1st, 2017 01:11 pm
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I'm alive.

Database programming itself is okay by me. Databases class is boring as heck.

Playing SWTOR a lot. Got into some RP for a while, until a guild imploded. But there's still a lot of story for me to play, so I doubt I'll be giving it up for a while.

I finally posted thank-you comments on [community profile] rainbowfic. I want to start writing there again soon. Guess we'll see what May's challenge looks like. I hope there are lots of flowers. (Should I drop Color Party? I didn't finish it last year... I don't know how that works. I might ask.)

I'm alive

Nov. 30th, 2016 02:24 pm
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This has been a bad month, for all the expected reasons.

I'm about to give up on my math class. The professor that was teaching the class, who gave good lectures and did a really good job teaching the class, went to a conference (unexpectedly) in the middle of the semester. The man who's been teaching us for the last month... meh. I get nothing from his lectures. He's very condescending, and he's one of those professors who asks the class questions and waits until someone says something. I'm one of the few people who'll talk during that class and I am so sick of talking.

Other than that, things are okay for the most part. Playing games occasionally, mostly SWTOR and a couple of older Capcom games I got from a Humble Bundle. I'm typing this in class while the professor tries to explain something that the rest of the class is confused about, but is perfectly clear to me. He's been trying to do this for twenty+ minutes at this point. Unfortunately I don't know how to help explain it.

Still need to design an FSM-based control system for a RISC microprocessor. (HELP) My first attempt... I just need to redo it, is what it comes down to. And it's due in less than two weeks.

Things to do: Catch up on replying to comments at [community profile] rainbowfic. Also, write a thousand words or so today so that I can at least say I wrote something this month at [community profile] getyourwordsout.
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[I'm doing a fandom thing on tumblr. Thought I'd make a post about it here as well.]

Let’s do this.

Barret x Tifa week will be October 9th-October 15, 2016. You’re probably all familiar with these, but just in case you’re not, this is basically just going to be a week to post whatever kinds of positive fanworks, meta, screenshots and anything else we can think of about these two!

The themes above are just to get the ideas flowing, and are optional. All I ask is that you tag whatever you make with “Barret x Tifa Week” so that I can reblog it, or mention @somekindalady in your post. Please reblog this and let other FFVII fans know!

(Text transcript below cut.)

Keep reading

from Tumblr
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Ah, Linear Algebra. The type of mathematics where it is not a stretch to work the same problem six times and get six different answers, none of which match the solution in the book, while only using simple arithmetic.

(Why would anyone assign a 4x4 determinant for students to do without matrix calculators or computers? Who does that anymore? Even the book acknowledges that 3x3 is the practical limit!)
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De-anoning for Rare Pair Fest, because I'd forgotten about it earlier; I'll probably crosspost to [community profile] personalapocalypse later.

Main fic: Stand-Up Guy, FFVII, Cloud/Yuffie. Post-Wutai, if you visit Wutai as soon as you are able (and I always do.) Kind of fluff? Deals a bit with Cloud's, um, self-image relatively early in the game, but maybe not enough. Still was a lot of fun to write.

Treat: Old Friend, SO2, Rena/Noel. Fluff set in VR Expel, because I've always wanted to do something about VR Expel and possibly about a memory that finds its way in with the present day, since it's supposed to be generated from memories.

On the whole I had a lot of fun writing both of these, and I got a very nice present that I linked here earlier. I don't know if I'm going to sign up for this exchange again, for various reasons, but it was overall a good time for me.


Sep. 6th, 2016 10:26 am
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Personal blog @ Imzy

Will mostly be crossposts, for now. But honestly, that platform has ease of writing/reading comments along with post scheduling, and the latter is the one big thing that I've wished DW would add for some time now, so that should help me be a little more consistent than I am here.

(I have invites if needed, but I imagine most people reading this (at least on DW) have access to one by now. ;p)
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I'm putting the word "runs" in quotes because I can't think of any point when I was going faster than four miles per hours, except for a couple of points on the treadmill.

numbers )
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Last month: Write two posts for each of my [community profile] rainbowfic projects.
Not quite - I wrote one post for each project, then wrote several other ficlets about other things. Either way, though, I feel good about what I have done.

Other things I got done:
- Wrote a few fics for [community profile] fic_promptly.
- Wrote a grand total of 11 fics for [community profile] fan_flashworks, most of which were for the amnesty period. I'd really love to get the badge for getting caught up on the prompts, even if some of them are harder than they rightfully should be for me. ;p
- Started running. Next run will probably be tomorrow at the gym (I did an outdoor run on Wednesday morning.)
- Started my classes. So far I've been keeping up with my homework fairly well.

For September:
- Stay caught up on classes. Obviously the most important thing.
- Stay caught up on [community profile] fan_flashworks and their current prompts (three fanworks.)
- Create three more amnesty fanworks to post when [community profile] fan_flashworks has their amnesty period again.
- Write at least one post for my main story ideas for [community profile] rainbowfic, and also finish the Hurdles challenge, even if it's too late to count for their Summer Olympics event. I really liked the idea, so I want to finish it anyway.

...and I might edit this when I'm at a computer that isn't failing. Yeah, when I was typing this up the first time, my laptop display started fading to white. Might be time for a new portable computer. It'll make it easier to do the projects for at least one of my classes.
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Title: Horseshoes
Author: Anonymous
Fandom: Star Ocean: The Second Story | Second Evolution

I got some cute and thoughtful Rena x Noel fic for Rare Pair Fest this year! (Crossposting it in the hopes my DW friends who are familiar with the fandom will read it as well. It actually deals with subjects that I hadn't even considered including in a post-game SO2 fic before.)


from Tumblr:

Jog on

Aug. 28th, 2016 01:14 pm
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My first week of interval running.

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More general observations )
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Now that I finally have Locke back, I've spent time leveling him and trying to steal stuff. It's an exercise in frustration.

(Locke, c'mon. You're trying to steal from an enemy with Stop and three or four successful applications of Dischord, while you yourself have insanely high Speed - thanks, Odin - as well as Haste and a Sneak Ring. There's no reason why this is so hard. I love you, man, but git gud.)

Also, Dischord is great, especially since it uses the same success calculation as Doom (and the Vanish/Doom bug works on the PSX version.)
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So far, since starting to play FFVI again, I have done the following:

- Died horribly on the Veldt after going through the “Kefka powers up and gets the Magicite “sequence, and hadn’t saved after that cutscene. I think it was a Lich group that killed me. Darn zombies.

- Died again on the Veldt after picking up a ton of new Rages for Gau. (Lv. 5 Doom - Gau was my only character who wasn’t vulnerable and he was learning a new Rage at the time.)

- Died after the fight with the IAF and the landing on the Floating Island to a giant monster in a treasure box. Apparently I’d only thought that I had saved after landing, so I had to redo that fight as well.

- Died saving the kid in Tzen twice. I was right in front of the door when the clock ran out the second time.

- Had Cid die on me after one damn fish. Not a slow one, either.

- Died fighting tentacles in Figaro (after a long battle where Celes kept being picked up, tossed down, given barely enough time to heal herself, and picked up again.)

I do not remember ever having this much trouble with this game before. Must’ve lost my touch.

from Tumblr (Here)
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I need to be on this site more often. I've missed a lot of things.

(There's always the nagging feeling that I've said everything I have to say. But that doesn't excuse me from reading. :/)
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I didn't finish the old VP fic I was writing for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I got about 22k words into it. That's more than halfway of my goal. Not bad. (I should keep working on it, when I can.) My yearly word count is 118425 words; I should try to knock out the rest of the 31575 words that I need as early as possible this month, because classes this semester are going to be tough.

Last month was mostly fanfiction, partially because of Camp NaNo, partially because of a contest at another fan community, partially because someone started badmouthing a relationship I like on tumblr and my usual reaction to this is to write a bunch of stuff about them. ;p This month will be original fiction as far as I'm able. Sadly, it's hard to concentrate, mostly because of the next paragraph.

Health frustrations )

If I can make two posts updating each of my [community profile] rainbowfic projects this month, I'll be happy. I can't think of much else in the way of goals right now, and I won't have the energy to do much beyond schoolwork once classes start.
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One of the murals in town has been painted over.

It was very sudden - on Sunday I was taking a walk down a local trail and saw it. On Tuesday afternoon, I walked by the same place, and there was nothing. Just a gray fence.

Given the mural's location (next to an apartment complex,) the timing, and the speed of the repaint, I can only assume that Pokemon Go had something to do with it. The mural was a gym, and I imagine that the apartment's owners didn't like the people who kept walking by and possibly loitering to fight at the gym. (It's still on the map, of course. I'm sure the process to be removed is more complicated than that.)

Still. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I do think that the game creators made a mistake by not making pokestops and gym locations opt-in instead of opt-out, though, since that at least seems to be the case.


Jul. 3rd, 2016 09:59 pm
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I don't get to game very much during the school year. Catching up a bit during the summer. I played Beneath a Steel Sky and finished it fairly quickly (it's an old-school adventure game, and a darkly-funny one, although I was rather distracted by the fact that no one had an Australian accent despite the game being set in Australia.)

Games to play/finish soon:
- Might and Magic: World of XEEN (PC. I'm done with Clouds and one dungeon away from finishing Darkside, and haven't touched the World content yet. I don't know to what extent I'm going to do the Dungeon of Death. The first level is fun, but I seem to remember the second-to-last level being tedious.)
- Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PSP, Normal/Ending B. I'll do an A Ending run on hard mode later. Honestly I'm amazed I don't have saves from hard mode... did I not play through this game on this memory stick before...?)
- Breath of Fire (SNES, playing on Wii U)
- Transistor (PS4. I've finished once and am working on the first recursion; I just need to get back to it and kill the final boss.)
- Dishonoured (PS3. I want a no-kills low-chaos playthrough, but I'm not gonna worry about being spotted. Just watching my SO do a Ghost playthrough was excruciating.)
- Final Fantasy X-2 (PS3 remaster. I got distracted by the ridiculous arena mode and giving all of the monsters doge meme names, so I should get back to the game so I can see the actual plot. I'm probably strong enough with some of the dress spheres that I can do a lot of damage, and low-level enough that I'm not going to break the game completely.)

There's more, but that's probably enough.


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