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Meta Month Day 2: Sidequests, How Do They Work?

I'll be here all month. Check the tag if you'd like to keep track. I'm trying to write up something to start with for tomorrow, but I haven't decided which subject to post yet.
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[Pretty much everyone who commented on that last post was commenting on the two paragraphs at the end, so I went ahead and split them. Made more sense that way, in my head, than a really long post where the comments were only relevant to a fifth of it. That's what I get for referencing current controversy as an aside on a post about an ancient game.]

Replaying Star Ocean 2 on the PSP, while fun, is reminding me of some of the things that annoyed me about the game when I was playing it the first time. And yes, this version fixes some of them (they haven't censored quiet as much, although they did dummy out the various "teas" and make them into non-alcoholic cocktails. Some sound tasty. Others... less so.)

Characterization issues I have with this game. Includes discussion of an early-game event involving kidnapping and assault. )


Jan. 27th, 2010 03:26 pm
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So I might be running a SR4 one-shot in the near future. This is good, because I've missed running that game. I just need to get the one-shot plot written, since I've already decided to go with pre-generated characters for the players (it makes more sense that way; Shadowrun character creation can take a long time, even for people who know what they're doing, and most of the players in this game wouldn't have played it before.) I think that I can do a lot with this plot seed without obviously pushing my players along. It's something I've wanted to try to run since I first ran Shadowrun when I read the details about Las Vegas in 2070, so I'm looking forward to it, whenever it happens.

Turned into a rant. )
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That rant I've been talking about... I've been spending so much time thinking about it, and honestly, I really think that I've been chasing a pipe dream for far too many years.

Trying to sort things out... )
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I felt like ranting after some of the gaming stuff I've been through this past week... not that I'm unhappy or upset, just that I'm reminded of a pet peeve of mine and wanted to let it out.

Irrational behavior required? )

Project for the rest of the evening: Finish transcribing the pages that I've written recently, some of them as far back as June, and get a word count for July, since I don't think I'll get anything done tomorrow. It'll be somewhat better than the three-digit word count I had for June...
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Bookpost. Cross-posted to my lj.


As I was saying at the writing group meeting last night, I recently discovered Project Gutenberg, where they archive many pieces of literature that have passed into the public domain. They have ebooks (mostly in plain-text format) and also various audiobooks, both computer-generated and human-read. Definitely worth a look for you readers out there.

Current reading list:
- The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, H.P. Lovecraft (yes, still. Along with lots of other stuff by Lovecraft. I still owe someone an e-mail about this.)
- Tales of Wonder, Lord Dunsany
- The Sorrows of Young Werther, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Regarding that last book...

Most of you probably already know how this story ends, but I'll cut this entry anyway. And it might be triggering for some people, so fair warning. )

I'll comment on the other stories later. I have things to work on tonight first, though.
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Someone asked me a while ago to write up a spoiler-free impression of various games that I like, and why others might want to play them. I'm not good at reviewing games, but I figured, what the heck, I'd give it a shot. Hopefully I succeeded in the spoiler-free part.

VP:L first, for continuity's sake. )

I'll post something about VP:S later, as I've been putting off other things for far too long.
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What the heck, I'll do this one. I haven't done anything else worth blogging about today. (I haven't advanced the plot on VP:S any further yet, and I mostly either slept or drove around with one of my roommates. We did go to the video game store to find out if Odin Sphere or the DS FFIII release were in stock, but they weren't, so we didn't actually purchase anything.)

(As always, I have a very loose interpretation of the whole relationship thing. Platonic, romantic, could-go-either-way... they're all in here.)

Name six ships you like:
01. Fuu/Jin/Mugen (Samurai Champloo)
02. Zac/Joanne/Api (The Quiet Earth)
03. Locke/Setzer/Celes (FFVI)
04. Lucian/Claire (VP:L)
05. Yangus/Red (DQ8)
06. Saiga/Ginza (Speed Grapher)

Three ships you used to like, but don't anymore:
07. Reika/Sirius (Aquarion)
08. Irvine/Selphie (FFVIII)
09. Cloud/Tifa (FFVII)

Three ships in your various fandoms that you don't ship:
10. Fritz/Brenda (The Closer)
11. Claude/Rena (SO2)
12. Edge/Rydia (FFIV)

Two ships you are curious about but haven't actually started shipping:
13. Lister/Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
14. Auron/Lulu (FFX)

Possible spoilers for most of these fandoms below the cut. )


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