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Updated: 1/7/13
Days I edited the novel for 20+ minutes: 7/7
Days I wrote 750 words: 7/7
Days I exercised for at least a half-hour at a time: 6/7
Commonplace Book pages: 7/7
Days I spent twenty minutes reviewing Python: 7/7
Sketches this week: 3

1/1: Finished Python review. So far, so good. (Keeping this on top of my DW so that I'll have it there to remind me, even if it means no one else sees it.)
I don't really have anything else to report that I did today. It was a day off; mostly I rested and played Mario stuff. :p
1/2: Argh. I am SO EXHAUSTED today. Exercising is going to be tough in particular. But first, I think I need a nap. (ETA: Got an exercise video in. Fitocracy is not kind regarding aerobic classes, but I couldn't log them separately because they're not there. It would help if I could include my heart rate...)
1/3: Got an early start today. Hope I don't crash later. Sketched a faucet from a picture in a magazine in about fifteen minutes, which was something, at least. (ETA: Well, I didn't crash, although the nap probably helped.)
1/4: Quick sketch at work, crashed afterwards, got up and did everything but finish exercising. Time to get that over with before midnight.
1/5: Yay, day off. I can take a long walk and not feel like I've wasted half my free time.
1/6: This weekends-off thing is nice, even if it makes Fridays a bit fuzzy with lack of sleep. I should be able to get a couple of extra sketches in, even. If I get everything else done before bed, anyway. (Eight-mile hike, too.)
1/7: I think I need to build a rest day into my exercise goal. I'm so exhausted and sore from yesterday's hike that there's no way I'm going to be able to get more than ten minutes or so of exercise in, aside from some stretching maybe.


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