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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I spent Thanksgiving morning playing Mass Effect 2 DLCs. And I will say only this about Overlord: If it does NOT break your heart, or at least hurt it, then you are probably a heartless bastard. Then I spent most of the afternoon writing fanfic that's related to ME2 (but not Overlord.) Will probably post a rough draft for people to see later, because I don't have time to edit it right now. Thanksgiving dinner is in about a half-hour and I hate to keep people waiting.
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Several things make a post, or something.

- Eh. NaNoWriMo was a no-go. Losing those ten days in the middle of the month to frenzied house-cleaning and moving killed it. Maybe next year... I'm going to keep trying to finish something throughout the end of the year, assuming I can keep my head.

- Working on my story for the end of the month. I know how I want it to end; it's the getting there that's the problem. As usual. There are several other things I want to write, like a continuation of last year's tale for my recipient of last year. It'll depend on how long it takes me to finish my main story. One thing I like about how the exchange is set up this year, it makes it easy to write extra treats.

- (Mass Effect 2 Spoilers) Read more... )

- In RL news... Currently sitting at home, going back to work in a little bit. This is my workweek from hell, of course. Retail =/= fun. Also waiting to hear something from my boyfriend, who is on a plane right now and safely heading toward his destination, I hope. He said he'd let me know when he hit his first connecting airport, but he hasn't. I hate flying with an irrational passion and would feel a lot better if he'd just contact me soon.
(Edit: His phone's apparently dead; his sister just e-mailed me from her phone. They've gotten through the airlines. Now they get to drive up to their grandmother's house. And I get to go back to work.)

- And yes, I've heard about the new TSA safety regulations. The fact that one has to choose between potentially invasive patdowns and potentially dangerous scanners angers me. However, take that with a grain of salt; I haven't actually experienced either yet. Because I'm poor, and also hate flying.
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That rant I've been talking about... I've been spending so much time thinking about it, and honestly, I really think that I've been chasing a pipe dream for far too many years.

Trying to sort things out... )
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[Still poking at this. If the RSS feed picks it up again... well, my apologies. I still don't understand those things.]

Usually, when someone asks me what sorts of things that I like (usually in the context of gift-giving) I sit there and sort of stare at them dumbly, or get flustered. This is not because I don't like things. I have no problem coming up with things given time. But when asked to produce a list of things on demand... well, I always draw a blank. I'm sure that there's some deep psychological reason for this, but by golly, I sure don't know it.

So I'm going to start keeping this running list (meaning I'll update it later.) That way, if someone asks me what I like, the worst case scenario will be me saying, "Hold on, I'll have to check. I'll get back to you about that." Which still sounds a bit odd, but it's an improvement.

This will probably be a terribly unruly list )


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