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I need to vent. Some of you (the people on Plurk) have already heard about this.

(ETA added - 8/26)

On handling group issues effectively... or, in this case, not doing so. )

I'm done ranting. Feeling slightly better now - mostly I just wanted to post my side of the story somewhere, since I was given no opportunity to do so in a meaningful way to the group. There was no indication that hearing my (or our) side would have made any difference. It was presented very much as a thing that had been decided.

I've already had a couple of people tell me that I'm right to be unhappy about this. I'm trying to believe them, although there's always the lingering feeling that I'm overreacting. :/

ETA 2 - Well, a couple of people have apologized for the "package deal" thing. That's something. Still, the fact that we were dismissed outright from the group for this with no other attempts at conflict resolution is enough to make me not want to continue with them.

ETA 3 - I finally managed to compose a more polite message that discussed the most irritating things with some of the group members, including the ST. The response that we got back was essentially that the other player gave an ultimatum with no room for discussion. The ST had to choose between gaming with him and gaming with my SO, and he chose the other guy because he's been gaming with him longer and wants to continue to do so. Which pretty much confirms most of my suspicions and makes me even less inclined to want to continue with this group, or to participate in any events involving this particular ST in any capacity, ever again.

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I'm actually getting into more games lately. People are actually running things. It's great.

Details )

I'm thinking seriously about running a game, too. I just don't know for sure, and I don't know what I want to do with it.

You see, while I was at Ye Olde Local Gaming Store, some guy dropped off a bunch of old AD&D stuff. I snagged a module (somewhat incomplete, having obviously already been run once before) called Treasure Hunt, and I love the concept of it. But I don't know if I want to try to run it in a system I'm not that familiar with running, or if I want to try to adapt it to a system that I just don't know if it will work very well in. Either way, I may run into problems.

Why this is problematic. )

In other news, wrote a few more words on [community profile] fantasybigbang, but not as many as I really need. Already have an idea for FFXIII fic despite not having finished the game (Chapter 13 is hard.) Being tired a lot because of work, and it'll be worse next week. Those are the main points.
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Last part of my [livejournal.com profile] onedeadbunny list. Other parts:
Original fiction | Fanfiction

RP-related stuff, when it isn't obviously based on another game or fandom or whatnot, is currently in this awkward little grey area between original fic and fan fiction in my head, so I gave it its own list. Incomplete, because there are other things I can add, but I need to rush to post this.

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I felt like ranting after some of the gaming stuff I've been through this past week... not that I'm unhappy or upset, just that I'm reminded of a pet peeve of mine and wanted to let it out.

Irrational behavior required? )

Project for the rest of the evening: Finish transcribing the pages that I've written recently, some of them as far back as June, and get a word count for July, since I don't think I'll get anything done tomorrow. It'll be somewhat better than the three-digit word count I had for June...


May. 8th, 2009 10:23 pm
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I have come to the conclusion that playing myself in an RPG is far too depressing to keep up for long. Especially a game which is basically about being kidnapped, tortured for who knows how long, changed into something other than human, and then finally escaping to learn that your life has essentially been twisted around and ruined by someone who looks just like you.

But enough about my evening. How was yours?


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