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De-anoning for Rare Pair Fest, because I'd forgotten about it earlier; I'll probably crosspost to [community profile] personalapocalypse later.

Main fic: Stand-Up Guy, FFVII, Cloud/Yuffie. Post-Wutai, if you visit Wutai as soon as you are able (and I always do.) Kind of fluff? Deals a bit with Cloud's, um, self-image relatively early in the game, but maybe not enough. Still was a lot of fun to write.

Treat: Old Friend, SO2, Rena/Noel. Fluff set in VR Expel, because I've always wanted to do something about VR Expel and possibly about a memory that finds its way in with the present day, since it's supposed to be generated from memories.

On the whole I had a lot of fun writing both of these, and I got a very nice present that I linked here earlier. I don't know if I'm going to sign up for this exchange again, for various reasons, but it was overall a good time for me.
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Title: Horseshoes
Author: Anonymous
Fandom: Star Ocean: The Second Story | Second Evolution

I got some cute and thoughtful Rena x Noel fic for Rare Pair Fest this year! (Crossposting it in the hopes my DW friends who are familiar with the fandom will read it as well. It actually deals with subjects that I hadn't even considered including in a post-game SO2 fic before.)


from Tumblr: http://ift.tt/2bYs9E6
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[Pretty much everyone who commented on that last post was commenting on the two paragraphs at the end, so I went ahead and split them. Made more sense that way, in my head, than a really long post where the comments were only relevant to a fifth of it. That's what I get for referencing current controversy as an aside on a post about an ancient game.]

Replaying Star Ocean 2 on the PSP, while fun, is reminding me of some of the things that annoyed me about the game when I was playing it the first time. And yes, this version fixes some of them (they haven't censored quiet as much, although they did dummy out the various "teas" and make them into non-alcoholic cocktails. Some sound tasty. Others... less so.)

Characterization issues I have with this game. Includes discussion of an early-game event involving kidnapping and assault. )


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