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Ah, Linear Algebra. The type of mathematics where it is not a stretch to work the same problem six times and get six different answers, none of which match the solution in the book, while only using simple arithmetic.

(Why would anyone assign a 4x4 determinant for students to do without matrix calculators or computers? Who does that anymore? Even the book acknowledges that 3x3 is the practical limit!)
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My Circuits professor likes to assign us problems with variables. As an example, his lecture on Kirchoff's Laws and his homework mostly involve us deriving equations for various things using only variables for voltage and resistance.

I need a good reference on how to solve linear equations using matrices. And on how to take the determinant of matrices above 3x3 with variables (and without LOSING MY DAMN MIND, good grief, that last attempt took me forever and I didn't even finish.)

(I at least hope he posts a detailed answer to this homework question! Because I'd love to know how he used Kirchoff's Laws to derive the equation he asked us to derive. I could easily do it by finding equivalent resistance, but that's not what he wanted. :/)


Jul. 25th, 2015 01:03 pm
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I am finally getting the hang of Mathematica; pity I'm not going to need to do it anymore after next week. (Although I might keep updating the class wiki with simulations if the professor doesn't take it down. Not like anyone but me and maybe the professor has looked at it in the last three weeks. ;p)
Summer classes have all felt much longer than they actually are; it's hard for me to believe that they've only been lasting five weeks.

(Our professor said during our last Statistics class that if we are going to take away one thing from this class, it'll be how to rip people off. Is this why they require an Ethics for Professionals class for Engineers?)


May. 30th, 2015 02:31 pm
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First week of summer school is done, and it's not moving as quickly as I expected it to move.

I really wish I hadn't had to take another music appreciation class, but at least the professor is cool about it. He usually lets us out early, which feels a bit odd on a five-week class. He's a silly, likable guy, at least. (He called Bach a "B. A. Mo-fo" in class. Exact words.)

Discrete Math is... strange. At least I already know something about proofs; only half of the class does. The professor said that most Geometry classes stopped doing proofs when they had too many classes to teach, because it takes too long to grade them. Also, pretty much everyone in the class is studying computer science, which means I'm probably meeting a bunch of my classmates here.

I'm walking almost two miles a day on weekdays, thanks to school. I wish I had more chance to rest between walks, but I think it's helping, either way.
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Second day of class down.

Not much to say yet, except for this: What kind of jerk puts a permanent marker that looks a LOT like a dry-erase marker on the rim of a whiteboard for the next professor to find? Because that happened in my math class, and no one noticed until the professor tried to erase, and nothing happened. A bunch of us had to help him get enough of the board clear for him to continue.

(I love how everyone in that room had apparently been in that situation before and were immediately offering suggestions.)


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