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Spent some more time this morning making a bunch of prompts to [community profile] scifi_fest, including some FF prompts. I've been talking about this in various places; I'd really love to see more activity there. :D
(The prompts don't just have to be for typical SF fandoms - they can be for any fandom, as long as the prompt includes science-fiction elements. So a prompt asking for a cyberpunk AU would count, or a space opera AU. So would a prompt focusing on a scientific aspect of a fandom, which makes a lot of console RPGs fit this challenge, what with all of those ancient advanced civilizations in otherwise fantasy settings.)

Video Game meme, days 11, 12 & 13 )


Final Fantasy meme, days 3, 4 & 5 )
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So I want to do the FF meme that everyone else is doing, but then remembered I was doing another meme and never finished it. Then I thought, why not do both at the same time?

(The "meme" tag on this entry will take you to the rest of the VG meme, considering that I haven't touched it in months.)


30 Days of Video Games - Days 8, 9 and 10 )


30 days of FF Meme - Days 1 and 2 )
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Why am I up? Oh, yeah. Because I'm too sore to sleep. O_o I'll work on the meme a bit more, then.


Day 5: Game Character I Am Most Like )


Day 6: Most Annoying Character )


Day 7: Favorite Game Couple )
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Bad thing about this past weekend: It was Thanksgiving weekend. I mean, we were busy (but not as busy as we have been in past years, which actually concerns me a bit.) And my boyfriend was in another state for most of it to visit his grandma for the first time in years. Good for him, did not make weekend easier for me.
Good things: Good Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend's mother's family. Also, he sent a bouquet of flowers to my work in the middle of the day. Awwwww.

Anyway, before I miss another day:

Day 4: Guilty Pleasure )

Read more... )
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I will warn you now, at least some of these are going to be questions to which I will simply have no answer. Either I don't have a strong enough opinion, or I don't remember. Also going to try for two or three answers every time I post because I'm sure I'm going to miss days.

Day 1: First Video Game )

Day 2: Favorite Character )

Day 3: Underrated Game )

Full list )
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Since I'm trying to focus on writing for fun now, I'll post a fun-sounding meme I got from [personal profile] seventhe!

Post the first line of a story here, and I'll write the next five. (Or more, if it strikes my fancy that much.)

Fanfiction or original are fine (and you all probably know my fandoms by now, or at least enough to go on.) As many as you like, although it'll probably take me a while to get to them. Go at it!
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What the heck, I'll do this one. I haven't done anything else worth blogging about today. (I haven't advanced the plot on VP:S any further yet, and I mostly either slept or drove around with one of my roommates. We did go to the video game store to find out if Odin Sphere or the DS FFIII release were in stock, but they weren't, so we didn't actually purchase anything.)

(As always, I have a very loose interpretation of the whole relationship thing. Platonic, romantic, could-go-either-way... they're all in here.)

Name six ships you like:
01. Fuu/Jin/Mugen (Samurai Champloo)
02. Zac/Joanne/Api (The Quiet Earth)
03. Locke/Setzer/Celes (FFVI)
04. Lucian/Claire (VP:L)
05. Yangus/Red (DQ8)
06. Saiga/Ginza (Speed Grapher)

Three ships you used to like, but don't anymore:
07. Reika/Sirius (Aquarion)
08. Irvine/Selphie (FFVIII)
09. Cloud/Tifa (FFVII)

Three ships in your various fandoms that you don't ship:
10. Fritz/Brenda (The Closer)
11. Claude/Rena (SO2)
12. Edge/Rydia (FFIV)

Two ships you are curious about but haven't actually started shipping:
13. Lister/Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
14. Auron/Lulu (FFX)

Possible spoilers for most of these fandoms below the cut. )


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