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This has been a bad month, for all the expected reasons.

I'm about to give up on my math class. The professor that was teaching the class, who gave good lectures and did a really good job teaching the class, went to a conference (unexpectedly) in the middle of the semester. The man who's been teaching us for the last month... meh. I get nothing from his lectures. He's very condescending, and he's one of those professors who asks the class questions and waits until someone says something. I'm one of the few people who'll talk during that class and I am so sick of talking.

Other than that, things are okay for the most part. Playing games occasionally, mostly SWTOR and a couple of older Capcom games I got from a Humble Bundle. I'm typing this in class while the professor tries to explain something that the rest of the class is confused about, but is perfectly clear to me. He's been trying to do this for twenty+ minutes at this point. Unfortunately I don't know how to help explain it.

Still need to design an FSM-based control system for a RISC microprocessor. (HELP) My first attempt... I just need to redo it, is what it comes down to. And it's due in less than two weeks.

Things to do: Catch up on replying to comments at [community profile] rainbowfic. Also, write a thousand words or so today so that I can at least say I wrote something this month at [community profile] getyourwordsout.


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