Sep. 2nd, 2016

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Last month: Write two posts for each of my [community profile] rainbowfic projects.
Not quite - I wrote one post for each project, then wrote several other ficlets about other things. Either way, though, I feel good about what I have done.

Other things I got done:
- Wrote a few fics for [community profile] fic_promptly.
- Wrote a grand total of 11 fics for [community profile] fan_flashworks, most of which were for the amnesty period. I'd really love to get the badge for getting caught up on the prompts, even if some of them are harder than they rightfully should be for me. ;p
- Started running. Next run will probably be tomorrow at the gym (I did an outdoor run on Wednesday morning.)
- Started my classes. So far I've been keeping up with my homework fairly well.

For September:
- Stay caught up on classes. Obviously the most important thing.
- Stay caught up on [community profile] fan_flashworks and their current prompts (three fanworks.)
- Create three more amnesty fanworks to post when [community profile] fan_flashworks has their amnesty period again.
- Write at least one post for my main story ideas for [community profile] rainbowfic, and also finish the Hurdles challenge, even if it's too late to count for their Summer Olympics event. I really liked the idea, so I want to finish it anyway.

...and I might edit this when I'm at a computer that isn't failing. Yeah, when I was typing this up the first time, my laptop display started fading to white. Might be time for a new portable computer. It'll make it easier to do the projects for at least one of my classes.


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