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I didn't finish the old VP fic I was writing for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I got about 22k words into it. That's more than halfway of my goal. Not bad. (I should keep working on it, when I can.) My yearly word count is 118425 words; I should try to knock out the rest of the 31575 words that I need as early as possible this month, because classes this semester are going to be tough.

Last month was mostly fanfiction, partially because of Camp NaNo, partially because of a contest at another fan community, partially because someone started badmouthing a relationship I like on tumblr and my usual reaction to this is to write a bunch of stuff about them. ;p This month will be original fiction as far as I'm able. Sadly, it's hard to concentrate, mostly because of the next paragraph.

My health is frustrating me, though. I'm definitely getting more exercise than I used to, but I don't feel any more fit than I was before. And the pain in my side just keeps expanding. It's not so bad that I can't sit down, but it's really annoying, and now it's going up and down the right side of my torso where it was just in my lower abdomen. I'll finally have health insurance later this month, though, so that's something. Let's hope that it's at least treatable. I want to keep walking, and I also want to start doing some light bodyweight training again, but the pain in my side is getting in my way... I can feel it when I'm lying down on my stomach, like a knot, and it just makes things feel worse.

If I can make two posts updating each of my [community profile] rainbowfic projects this month, I'll be happy. I can't think of much else in the way of goals right now, and I won't have the energy to do much beyond schoolwork once classes start.
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