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Title: The Sin of Inaction Having Old Roots
Characters/Pairings: Vincent Valentine, Grimoire Valentine
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #23 - Deadly Sin: Sloth


Vincent did not know if he loved his father, but he did know he secretly feared him. This was true even though his father hardly spoke harsh words and never raised an open hand. His father treated him with exuberance and encouragement yet Vincent shrank into shadows, avoiding expectations of ever continuing Dr. Grimoire Valentine’s world-famous work.

Vincent did exactly what his parents and teachers expected, exactly to the letter. No more, no less. One might call this passiveness but no one could accuse him of indolence, at least not until his father’s funeral which Vincent failed to attend.

OTW Elections 2017: It’s Almost Time

Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:00 am[personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news
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OTW contested election banner

Don't forget that if you want to vote in the 2017 OTW Election, you have to become a member by June 30. Join today!

Pinch hits

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There's still one more pinch hit for claiming pinch hit #7.

Useful Links
Not Prime Time 2017 (with schedule) | Prime Time Madness 2017
Frequently Asked Questions | AO3 exchange faq for participants | Pinch Hitting faq
2017 nomination tag set
Dear Prime Time Player on DW
2017 Requests available on AO3 | in a txt file
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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Breath of Autumn
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Moonlight #5. Drift, Provence Lavender #10. Vineyard
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Red Carpet Day 5), photography, eraser (urban fantasy au), oils, glue ("There is a haunting familiarity to the landscape, whether or not you are eager to start the next chapter of your story. You can't tell if you have been here before or if it is only a place that you visited in your dreams. Pay careful attention to all the details, for signs appear everywhere pointing to your future. Mary Oliver wrote, "Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."")
Word Count: 185
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Isshiri, Telri
Warnings: Implications of kidnapping/imprisoning someone; weirdness with time/perception, due to being taken Underhill; implied dubcon due to fairy glamour/somewhat unsettling fae/human romantic dynamic. Fairies are kind of creepy when they fall in love with humans. If I missed anything I should have warned for, please let me know.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: light
'Verse: Lux
Colors: Paprika #13. You ain't fooling nobody but yourself., Kingfisher Blue #12. 不做虧心事, 半夜不怕鬼敲門: he who never wrongs others is not afraid of ghosts knocking in the night (a quiet conscience sleeps in thunder), Moonlight #9. Ember
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Red Carpet, Day 4; shoujo-ai), pointillism, photography, miniature collection, charcoal (at this point in the story), glitter, glue ("Emotionally connecting with your friends enables you to stay in touch with your own feelings, too. But don't expect any lingering confusion about your relationships to disappear overnight. In fact, your uncertainty about the future may actually deepen now. ")
Word Count: 382
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Lux, Mariko
Warnings: References to the fire, angelic POV
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Shakespeare 9

Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:02 am[personal profile] rosage posting in [community profile] femslashficlets
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Title: Kindling Water
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Pairing: Sully/Miriel
Rating: G
Word Count: 731
Prompt: 9 Now is the winter of our discontent – Richard III
Summary: An experiment worries Miriel, giving Sully a chance to return a favor.
Note: For Faye, Max, and anyone looking to cool off on this summer solstice.

“What in blazes happened, Miri?” )


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If you would be interested in joining a Discord server for fanfiction writers, please consider joining Metamorprose. The rules and policies are simple and accessible on the server itself and are displayed in a static location at [community profile] metamorprose. A direct invite link can be found here: More information about Discord, what it is, and how to use the server are on the comm. Happy writing!
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Adventures Elsewhere collects our reviews, guest posts, articles, and other content we've spread across the Internet recently! See what we've been up in our other projects. :D

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OTW contested election banner

The OTW is pleased to announce the candidates for the 2017 Election. Learn more about them and the election process here:


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